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Pure Organic Lavender Oil for Relieving Stress and Pain

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Lavender is a natural tranquilizer for the central nervous system. One study found that it lowers heart rate, blood pressure and the temperature of your skin. It also alters brainwaves to a more relaxed condition. 

Anxiety is very common nowadays, especially in big cities such as Hong Kong. Some research suggests that lavender oils might be one of the most effective ways to help de-stress and reduce nervousness. Our pure organic lavender essential oils with its fresh and floral aroma are perfect for relieving stress after a busy day and can help soothe sore muscles as well.

How to use pure organic lavender oil for stress and tension:

1. Inhale lavender oil for an instant calming effect 

Simply rub 2-4 drops of lavender oil in your palms and take a deep breath. The scent enters your brain and provides a feeling of immediate relaxation. Great for use anywhere since it's so easy to carry around.

If you'd rather not apply the oil directly on your skin, put 2-3 drops in a tissue paper or handkerchief and inhale.

2. Relieve headaches using essential oil

Rub 1-2 drops of lavender oil into your temples to ease a tension headache. Massage gently and slowly for 1 minute, take a 3 minutes break and then do it again. Try to close your eyes and feel the oils erasing the pain and tension from your neck and head. For full body relaxation you can rub 1-2 drops on the wrists or the feet as well. 

3. Alleviating insomnia

Put a few drops on your pillow right before you hit the sack for a good night's sleep. Try to do 10 minutes of deep breathing or meditation while inhaling the scent of lavender.

Sweet Dreams!

 essential oil hong kong

External use only. Keep away from children and eyes. Do not use undiluted on skin. Consult a professional before use if pregnant, nursing or suffering from a serious illness. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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