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We're excited to announce the launch of our new line of bar soaps!

Our deliciously smelling soaps are all natural and handmade in Vancouver, British Columbia by Plenty + Spare Naturals. Their mission is to use less, waste less and live clean and healthy lives. The ingredients used are simple, of high quality and gentle on the body with no synthetics or artificial fragrances.

We have a soap for everyone:

1. Vegan Sea Salt Soap (Geranium + Sweet Orange)
Packed with Pacific sea salt, our favourite vegan soap, combines geranium and sweet orange essential oils to create a soft floral scent.
Ideal for balanced and oily skin types and wonderful to use after a good sweat.

2. Beautiful Things Soap (Palmarosa + Grapefruit)
Feel a burst of juicy grapefruit and floral palmarosa oil when using our Beautiful Things Soap. These bars last a really long time and are amazing for everyday use!

3. When Skies Are Grey Soap (Lemongrass + Lavender)
This uplifting blend of lemongrass and lavender will brighten you up even on a rainy day. Made of beautiful clays and essential oils, the lather is creamy, moisturizing and extremely gentle on the skin.

4. Wanderlust Soap (Lavender + Tea Tree)
Get squeaky clean with Plenty + Spare's Wanderlust Soap. Freshly scented with a blend of lavender and tea tree essential oils, these classic soap bars are amazing for everyday use especially for those with delicate and high maintenance skin.

Feel good about what you put on your body and lather up!

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